Lead Generation and Conversion

june 17th @ 11am

  • How to identify your ideal client
  • Get booked faster with a seamless client experience
  • Lead gen tips to grow your email list (and future leads)
  • How to convince your ideal client to book (again and again)
  • How to build an organic referral network

Upcoming Meetups

Diversified Income

July 14 @ 9am

  • How to launch your first online course
  • How to secure speaking opportunities
  • 6 Passive income products you didn’t know you already had
  • Monetizing your knowledge through masterminds and mentorship programs
  • Digital download ideas
  • How to turn your templates into revenue opportunities

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Inclusivity in Business

August 8th @ 12pm

  • Auditing your business for inclusivity
  • How to network with diversity, inclusion and belonging in mind
  • 5 resources to support your inclusive business education
  • How to ensure your marketing is accessible
  • The benefits of building an inclusive business
  • How to talk about inclusivity within your industry/community

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